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2014 Christmas Adegga Wine Market, Lisbon

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IMG_8439 The Adegga Wine Market in full swing (above and below)IMG_8440

We are spending a week in Lisbon. Apart from coming to enjoy some December sunshine, we came for the Christmas Adegga Wine Market. This is a very well run consumer fair bringing some 40 Portuguese wineries to keen wine lovers who can taste their wines and then order them for delivery to their homes. This was the 7th edition of the Wine Market, Wines sales were brisk during the afternoon that started at 2pm with a quiet hour for the professionals before the consumers arrived and finished, in theory, around 10pm.  The average price per bottle in a Portuguese supermarket is between 2 and 3€, whereas the average price per bottle ordered at the Wine Market is substantially higher. Little wonder there is a considerable winery waiting list for these events as the organisers are keen to keep the number of producers at 40 to avoid the event becoming too big.

The highlight of the Wine market is the Premium Room where those who purchase a more expensive ticket can taste some pretty amazing wines, in particular some remarkable Ports and Madeira. Your 5 du Vin correspondent was privileged to be given free entry.


Checking the Premium wines before the start

Premium room wines:

Niepoort VV (Base 1863) – 1600 €
The VV was particularly special, Very complex with that remarkable combination of richness and austerity that you find in very old Sherries

Kopke 1941 – 445 €
Quinta do Noval Colheita 1976 – 215 €
Kopke 40 Years Old White – 100 €
Also remarkable with lovely freshness as well as length and complexity.
Quinta do Noval Vintage 2000 – 240 €
Niepoort Bioma Crusted (Amostra 2012)

Vinho da Madeira
Barbeito Malvasia 40 Anos Mãe Manuela – 240 €
Along with the VV this was the wine of the room for me. Lovely complexity – a Madeira to be sipped slowly continuing to discover fresh nuances.

Aguardente Vínica Caves São João Velhíssima 1965 (Bairrada) – 295 €

Adega Viúva Gomes 1931 (Colares) – 100 €
Adega Viúva Gomes 1969 (Colares) – 45 €
Two fascinating wines from Colares close to the Atlantic coast.

Quinta do Noval 2004 (Douro) – 53 €
Montirius Confidentiel 2007 (Rhône) – 40 €
Cortes de Cima Incógnito 2011 (Alentejo) – 64 €
Turris 2012 (Douro) – 120 €
Conciso 2012 (Dão) – 27 €

Porta dos Cavaleiros Reserva 1984 Magnum (Branco, Dão) – 60 €
Montirius Mineral 2006 (Branco, Rhône) – 25 €
Niepoort Bairrada VV 2013 (Branco, Bairrada) – 30 €


Device for reading the chip on the base of your glass, so that
details of the wines on the tables tables visited can be emailed to you  

IMG_8410Sergio Mendes maker of a remarkable range of Vinho Verdes


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