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Life and death in the vineyard

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AC Touraine


Macedonia: a profusion of wild flowers




Harrowed by tractor between the rows and hoed by hand between the vines


I have just returned from a three day visit to Macedonia, where the use of herbicides appears to be limited, although none of the eight leading wineries I visited is organic. Where herbicides are used then it is mainly between the vines. It is true that labour is cheap in Macedonia, so hand hoeing is possible and the heat of the summer will kill off much of the vegetation. However, the vineyards are a pleasure to visit and those from Touraine (classified patrimoine mondial) are a sad contrast. Unfortunately blitzed vineyards are all too common in France.

The photos suffice!


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3 réflexions sur “Life and death in the vineyard

  1. Nice comparison, Jim.
    Your use of the words ‘hoeing’ and « life & death » made me think of an old Neil Young song, Thrasher. No connection with wine, it’s only folk & roll but I like it.

    « Where the vulture glides descending
    On an asphalt highway bending
    Thru libraries and museums, galaxies and stars
    Down the windy halls of friendship
    To the rose clipped by the bullwhip
    The motel of lost companions
    Waits with heated pool and air-conditioned bar.

    But me I’m not stopping there,
    Got my own row left to hoe
    Just another line in the field of time
    When the thrashers comes, I’ll be stuck in the sun
    Like the dinosaurs in shrines
    But I’ll know the time has come
    To give what’s mine. »

    I just wanted to share


  2. Le choc des photos encore ! Très parlant Mister Chairman.


  3. To repeat the clichéd phrase: a picture is worth a thousand words! (I hope several Loire vignerons see this). Thanks Jim!


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