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Publishing your passion in a modern world

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Self-explanatory – no caption needed!

This is a good news story that shows that in these internet days it is no longer necessary to rely on publishers, who are increasingly risk averse especially in the UK. It shows that it is possible to get enough backing to produce a detailed and attractive wine book on subjects that publishers are likely to dismiss as too niche.

I give you Wink Lorch and her fine and handsomely produced Jura Wine with local food and travel tips. The text is by Wink Lorch, while most of the photos were taken by Mick Rock, the man behind Cephas, who is also a keen cyclist. The necessary finance was raised last year through Kickstarter  (https://www.kickstarter.com/‎) and the book was published this March.

This is Wink Lorch in March on her now published book on the Jura Wines, financed through Kickstarter:

‘I have never run a marathon, but this project seemed as if I was running one. In some ways I was alone, determined to go the distance, but hitting the wall regularly, euphoric one moment, exhausted and dispirited the next. Yet, in other ways I had incredible support: firstly there were my running mates: editor Pat, designer Jane, main photographers – Mick, Xavier and Brett, cartographer Quentin, and yes, my partner Brett who deserves another name check; secondly there were all of you, cheering me on through messages and comments when I found time to post something here or on Facebook, Twitter or by email. Thank you all. The rather stark difference from running a marathon is that from sitting too long at my desk and regular obligatory testing of Jura wines with meals, I am much less fit for anything than I was when I started…

Here is my personal marathon result: 352 pages, 146,000 words, 253 images.

Just like trumpeting the number of Facebook friends or Twitter followers one has, the numbers are irrelevant, it’s the quality that counts. But only you will be the judge of that when the book arrives at your door, which will be in just a few weeks. The priority deliveries will be to you, my Kickstarter supporters, and then second the book will be sent to those who have pre-ordered.

What’s next?

Starting in late March there are various trade and consumer Jura wine tastings, some organized by the region and others organized privately at which I plan to be, with a stack of books to sell and ready to sign any others that people have purchased already. I will keep posting information about these on the Jura wine blog, so do subscribe to that if you are not already. I hope to see many of you over the next year. If you have any proposals about hosting me to do a Jura tasting/presentation combined with a book signing, if you can fund my expenses to travel to you, then please get in touch.

Also on my mind is the creation of an e-book. Those few who pledged for the reward of an e-book, I will be in touch with you individually about this. In the meantime, I hope to produce both an Apple IBook version and a Kindle version in the next few months.’

Wink’s highly recommended Jura Wine book can now be bought from http://jurawine.co.uk/






 Jim Budd   

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3 réflexions sur “Publishing your passion in a modern world

  1. What optimism and energy can do… Bravo !


  2. « Give us a Wink and make me think of you… » (Lovely Rita, Sergeant Pepper’s, The Beatles 1967).
    Well done, Wink!


  3. Thanks Michel and Hervé. Yes an inspiration.


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