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Hail and a brief farewell

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Late September 2013: roof damaged by 17th June 2013 hailstorm that hit Vouvray. Still awaiting repair.

Here is a very moving report from scott paul wines on Sunday’s violent storm that hit Meursault, Volnay, Pommard, and Beaune. All the more devastating as the 2014 crop had been looking very good.

 ‘Violent hail in the vineyards – a report from Volnay

Yesterday afternoon at 5:15pm, the Côte de Beaune was hit with a violent hailstorm, destroying 50-90% of the potentially beautiful crop that was hanging in the vineyards in Meursault, Volnay, Pommard, and Beaune. This was the third year in a row that these villages were hit with a devastating storm. As if that were not bad enough, this will now be the fifth year in a row with a very tiny crop, as 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 all produced a fraction of what a “normal” year would bring. Over those four years, they produced about two years worth of wine. As you can well imagine, the effects of this will be beyond devastating for many of Burgundy’s producers of all sizes.’

Read the rest here.

So tough to face a series of natural disasters resulting in several very short vintages and all the financial implications this brings. It was noticeable during June in the Loire how the spirits and morale of the producers rose as they could see that they had cleared two major hurdles during the growing season – no frost despite a very early budbreak and a successful flowering in ideal conditions during June. One could literally see them breathe more easily! Of course there is a long way to go yet, so fingers firmly crossed!

And now for something completely different

Off later this afternoon on a Masters of Riesling trip to the Mosel and Rhine. We will be visiting the Leitz, Loosen, Gunderloch, Dönnhoff, Guntrum and Fürst estates. Here are a couple of photos from my last Masters of Riesling trip in 2006. Will report back next week.



June 2006: early Sunday morning light in the Mosel.


Vineyards near the Rhine at Rudesheim




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  1. La Moselle allemande vaut le détour. Nos amis français devraient y aller plus souvent. Les paysages sont superbes, et le riesling y montre une grâce exceptionnelle. Parler de riesling sans avoir jamais bu un vin de Rheingau, c’est un peu comme de parler de syrah sans avoir jamais bu du vin du Rhône Nord.


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