Bourgueillothérapie – a fairly unique blend of art and wine

The winning design for Bourgueillothérapie 2015.

Last weekend was the third consecutive edition of Bourgueillothérapie we have attended. Organised by Sophie and Ludo Ragot of Cafe de la Promenade and leading Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil producer – Sebastien David, this is an intriguing blend of artists and producers from Bourgueil and Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil.

Over a brief working weekend that starts early Saturday afternoon finishing early Sunday afternoon the artists produce a work of art inspired by a theme that changes every year. Naturally the theme invariably involves wine with a particular accent on Bourgueil. Then Sunday afternoon prizes are awarded for the best works of art before everything is auctioned for charity. This year the chosen charity was La Croix Rouge.

There were a couple of changes this year. On Friday night the artists and the producers gathered in one of the cellars of Domaine de la Chevalerie for a meal and a chance to taste wines from the therapeutic producers. During the evening I particularly enjoyed wines from Domaine Amirault and Sébastien David in Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil, Xavier Courant in Saint-Patrice and the 2009 Buzardières from Domaine de la Chevalerie. My selection does mean that there weren’t other excellent wines there but these were the best I tasted as due to the sharing of bottles amongst a crowd of perhaps 50 people there are inevitably some you miss.

Conviviality chez les Caslots

It was an excellent and convivial evening despite the producers not introducing their wines as they had been asked to do. However, they are not entirely to blame as a few glasses into the evening I suspect few would have listened with any attention!

The other innovation was to group the participants in four places instead of at the producers’ individual domaines, so cutting down the travelling and trying to avoid some locations attracting virtually no visitors.

Sadly David Cobbold, who was one of the guest artists last year, was too busy to participate this year but I did my humble best to fill the gap with a photo-expo called ‘de Nicolas à Patrice’ at Le Café de la Promenade’ that will continue into October. The framed photos are priced at 60€ each with 50€ going to La Croix Rouge. Although a number have now been sold I can take orders for copies.

Vincent le Cuisinier – one of the photos that has sold, although further orders can be taken.

As well as the photos I also put up a shirt to be auctioned for charity, which is why Eddy Oosterlinck is now the best dressed man in the Coteaux du Layon.

Eddy elegantly resplendent in his New Orléans Jazz Festival shirt.
The splendid shoes of Maître Véronique Bourrel, huissier à Strasbourg. Perhaps included in the auction next year?
Véronique’s 2013 therapy shoes.
Ludo Ragot with the winners of the children’s prize



I start my cycle ride down the Loire from the source to the Atlantic on Wednesday to raise funds for two cancer charities set up to help young people suffering from cancer. Even a donation of 5€ can make a difference! I will value your support. The two cancer charities are: The Fondation Gustave Roussy in France ( and Teenage Cancer Trust in the UK (




2 réflexions sur “Bourgueillothérapie – a fairly unique blend of art and wine

  1. Thanks for this account of an event that I have always enjoyed and which mixes two of my loves : wine and art. The donner in the Caslot’s cellar must have been fun. And best luck with your ride Jim and hope you raise a goodly sum in the process. Are you allowed to taste while in the saddle? A little stirrup cup from time to time ?


  2. Hi David. Yes it was a shame you couldn’t make it to Bourgueil this year. Thanks for your encouragement for the ride. Looking a bit windy up here this morning close to the Gerbier de Jonc. I hope a good number of donations come in once I start the ride today. Cancer is never good but particularly hard on children and teenagers.


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