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Champagne Quiz: who are they taking to court?

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The Champenois are famous for being litigious, so here is a fun quiz in the lead up to Christmas.

Question 1: Who are the CIVC (Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne) taking to court over a Twitter handle? Is it A or B



Champagne Escorts: ‘Alma is waiting for you!’



TV appearances

Champagne Jayne’s TV appearances

Jayne-Tom Jones

Jayne Powell (aka Champagne Jayne)

 Question 2Who did Veuve Clicquot threaten to take to court over label confusion?


VC-CiroCiropicariello: small Italian producer



Prosecco producers: Valdo, Canti, Cadoro (Maschio)


Canti with Veuve Clicquot

Question 3: which of these Australian trademarks is the CIVC opposing?

A: Canada Dry 

Canada Dry – the Champagne of Dry Ginger

Canada Dry: The Champagne of Ginger Ales

B: Diamonds in Champagne 

Diamonds in Champagne

Diamonds in Champagne: Retail sales – clothing, headgear, handbags etc
Also blogs, on-line publications of diaries

Diamonds in Champagne-dets

C: Shelley’ s Snowcap Champagne  
Shelleys Snowcap Champagne pic

1: B –  The CIVC’s case against Champagne Jayne (Jayne Powell) for sowing confusion and profiting from the image of Champagne while also mentioning sparkling wines other than Champagne with start at the Federal Court of Australia on Monday 15th December 2014 and is estimated to last for four days. It would appear that the CIVC prefer their defendants to be fully clothed!

2: A –ciropicariello:  Veuve Clicquot threatened to take this 7-ha Southern Italian estate to court in Avellino in the interior of southern Italy to the east of Naples – appropriately VC explained that they had entered into ‘amicable conversations with ciropicariello. Veuve Clicquot appear to have less appetite to take on the profusion of Proseccos with yellow/orange labels, which lead consumers to believe that any sparkling wine with a yellowy-orange label must be Prosecco.

3: Bit of a trick question as none of these Australian trademarks has been opposed by the CIVC. They have, however, objected to Champagne Jayne, a trademark approved in July 2012 which they have opposed since November 2012.

C-Jayne trademarkChampagne Jayne trademark approved 26th July 2014

Jayne Powell - oppositionOpposition by CIVC (Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne)
lodged 1st November 2012


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3 réflexions sur “Champagne Quiz: who are they taking to court?

  1. You had me worried for a while there Jim as I have published a Champagne Quiz in the past. Should I get myself « lawyered up » as the American cops would say?


  2. You are probably OK David but don’t rely on my opinion. However, I would steer clear of calling yourself Champagne Cobbold or Champagne David.


  3. « Ayin tachat ayin » claims the Exodus and the French add « a tooth for a tooth » to the saying as well. Another forbidden alias for David would then be « Veuve Chicot ».


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