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Joined up thinking in Angers

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At long last the Salon des Vins de Loire is becoming an integrated event. Unfortunately, it has to be said this is rather late in the day.

Until earlier this year the Salon des Vins de Loire (1st – 3rd February 2016), France’s only regional professional wine fair which held its first edition in 1987, stood alone while a succession of off-events multiplied with some of them held in direct competition with the Salon.

Also in recent years the increasing pull of Prowein and dissatisfaction with the fair led to a number of important producers such as Castel and Henri Bourgeois leaving the Salon des Vins de Loire.

The 2015 edition of the Salon saw La Levée de la Loire (organic producers and négociants) holding their event in the same hall as the Salon. The two previous editions of La Levée had been in the centre of Angers on the Monday of the Salon.

Now in a further development there will be a biodynamic Demeter Salon alongside the Salon des Vins de Loire. Whereas La Levée de la Loire is exclusively for organic Loire producers, the Demeter event will feature just one Loire producer – Le Clos des Quarterons (Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil) with 49 from other parts of France and six from other countries – Argentina, Chile, England, Spain and Switzerland.

Although there are still a number of off-events – Renaissance at Le Grenier de Saint Jean (Saturday and Sunday), Les Pénitentes and Les Anonymes only La Dive Bouteille is now in competition with the Salon as it runs on both Sunday and Monday. It would be good to see La Dive becoming integrated as well.

Demeter Angers 2016: list of participants


France’s Regional Elections
I have now added results for Anjou, Pays Nantais and Vendée to my post of last week.

The results in Anjou and the Pays Nantais appear to be more predictable. With the Socialists doing best in the large towns – Angers and Nantes, while the right often takes the country districts. Overall the National Front here is less strong than further east. In all but one of the communes I selected, the FN is in third place and often a distant third. Only in Brem-sur-Mer (Vendée)  are they in second place.

Voter participation tends to be down with many communes with less than 60% voting but it is always above 50%.

Jim Budd




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3 réflexions sur “Joined up thinking in Angers

  1. Now I’d like to know who is financing the general salon – the ODG’s, the exhibitors themselves, in part ou totally. Is there still some money from Interloire? The région Pays de Loire? The Centre Loire?


  2. Hervé. I don’t think there is money any more from Interloire.


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