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Café de la Promenade (Bourgueil) changes hands

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Café de la Promenade (Bourgueil) 
Ludo Ragot


Sophie Ragot

A magical weekend in June 2012 remains the last proof that Les 5 du Vin is not solely a virtual group as this was the last time all of us have managed to be in the same place and at the same time. We all stayed at Sophie and Ludo Ragot’s Café de la Promenade.

Since that date there have been a number of occasions when two or three of us have met up and, at least one time, when four of us gathered together but never all five, so June 2012 is a significant date in our short history. Should Les 5 ever gather again at Café de la Promenade it will be under new ownership as Sophie and Ludo have sold up and the new owners – Nora and Samuel take over on fish day – 1st April.

Café de la Promenade became a favourite with David and myself  – David leading and me following. In 2013 David was one of the artists who created a work of art during the 2013 September weekend of Bourgueillothérapie – an annual charity event organised by the Ragots to raise money for a succession of charities.

IMG_2515    Still life …. September 2013 

Café de la Promenade had a relaxed style of its own – rather far removed from traditional French cafés and hotels. It tended to be a place you loved or hated – certainly the reactions on sites like Tripadvisor were mixed. One of the things I particularly liked, apart from the selection of food served on slates, was being able to go to the cave and choose your own wine with 8€ added on if you drank it in the café, so avoiding ridiculous mark-ups.

Our 2012 weekend was memorable in a number of ways and not just for the amazing tasting at Lamé Delisle Boucard when we went back through the years to 1893. We had two very good tastings – one of Bourgueil and one of Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil. We planted our own vines along with others at a ceremony at Benais, which was attended by the late Jean Germain, then mayor of Tours. We tasted several 1976s including one at Taluau-Foltzenlogel with the late Joël Taluau. All well organised by Monsieur Bourgueil – Guillaume Lapaque.

We wish Sophie and Ludo bonne chance for their next adventure and bienvenue à Nora and Samuel!

Hervé planting his vine 

Marco in a hole!

Michel tasting 

David tasting 

A 1964 sampled @ the Café

Jean Germain 

Joël Taluau 

Part of the cellar of Café de la Promenade

The amazing cellars of Grand Mont

GuillaumeLapaqueFBGuillaume Lapaque

The amazing Lamé Delisle Boucard tasting back to 1893


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4 réflexions sur “Café de la Promenade (Bourgueil) changes hands

  1. Souvenirs, souvenirs…

    Aimé par 1 personne

  2. Jim tu creuses ma tombe…


  3. Bonne continuation à Ludo et Sophie.


  4. Oui, ils vont nous manquer…..Mais l’aventure continue, autrement et ailleurs. Il faudra un peu de patience.


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