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Clowns & Champagne, Vinovision, Fête des Vins de Bourgueil

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Send in the sparkling Clowns!

I have to wonder whether the litigious Champagne producers, represented by the CIVC, were best advised when they decided to go after Champin – a fruit flavoured kids’ drink sold in Spain. Did the CIVC really think that a sweet, fizzy drink for young children could really be confused with Champagne?

Are there really some Champagnes with so much sugar added that they taste similar to Champin? Or was it the clowns on the Champin label that could create confusion?

On Monday 7th March the CIVC’s legal challenge was thrown out by Spain’s Supreme Court. The Spanish judges, unlike the CIVC, were not confused: they thought there was a clear difference between Champagne and Champin. The CIVC lawyers were told by the judges that any similarities between Champagne and Champin were « tenuous and irrelevant ».

Last year in Australia the CIVC failed in its bid to stop Jayne Powell using her Champagne Jayne moniker.


VinoVision .jpg

Last week the first edition of VinoVision (Burgundy, Champagne Loire) was announced for 2017 – to be held in Paris running from Sunday 12th to Tuesday 14th February. For the first time there will be a wine fair in Paris for professionals incorporating wines from Burgundy, Champagne and the Loire.

VinoVision will be held at the Porte de Versailles with space for 650 exhibitors.

It will be very interesting to see how successful VinoVision will be and what the implications will be for the Salon des Vins de Loire, which will be held the week before. Will the larger companies, such as Henri Bourgeois, Joseph Mellot, Grands Chais de France and Castel, who have all deserted the Salon des Vins de Loire, now find VinoVision and attractive option with a good chance that importers around the world will be attracted to VinoVision in Paris?

Benoît Roumet (Bureau Interprofessionnel des Vins du Centre Loire): « The problem for the Salon des Vins de Loire is that by itself the Loire just isn’t big enough to attract enough foreign importers. Combining Burgundy, Champagne and the Loire and holding the Salon in Paris it should attract importers from all around the world. Alsace might want to be included in future editions of VinoVision ».

With the arrival of VinoVision there will now be four virtually consecutive Salons from late January 2017 starting with Millésime Bio in Montpellier (30th January -1st February), next Salon des Vins de Loire in Angers (6th-8th February), then VinoVision in Paris (12th – 14th February) and ending with Vinisud, now an annual fair, back in Montpellier (20th to 22nd February).

Also one mustn’t forget the ‘Big Daddy’ Prowein (19th to 21st March), Vinitaly (26th-29th March) and VinExpo Bordeaux (18th – 21st June). Then there are the various fairs in America and Asia.

Buyers surely cannot go to all of these, so will some Salons disappear?


Invasion of Tours: 14ème fête des vins de Bourgueil à Tours Saturday 19th March

The annual invasion of the centre of Tours by the producers of Bourgueil – otherwise known as the Fête des Vins de Bourgueil – is this Saturday (19th). This is always an excellent opportunity to taste the latest vintage – 2015 on this occasion – plus there should be plenty of the very attractive 2014s to try.

There will be around 50 producers present.  Although these Bourgueil invaders don’t take any prisoners, they are ready to sell their wines.

The Fête is held in the central alleyway of the Boulevard Heurteloup, close to Tours’ main railway station. The event runs from 10am to 7pm and is free to get in but will cost you 2€ for a tasting glass.

The weather forecast looks pretty good – sunny but cold so wrap up warm!

ForecastjpgJIM BUDD

A hairy moment!

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  1. Monsieur Luc Charlier, un commentaire sur la confusion possible entre Champagne et boisson de clown?

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  2. Le RP Charlier fait actuellement une retraite au couvent des Visitandines de Mesnil sur Oger et se refuse à toute polémique.

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