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Sherries to the fore at the Big Fortifed Tasting

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The annual Big Fortified Tasting (BFT), held in London, is always a great opportunity to taste some really interesting fortified wines. However since the wines are high in alcohol, there is a limit to the number I can comfortably taste, even though I am careful to spit out. This year I chose to concentrate on some of the excellent range of sherries on show choosing to taste from those bodegas that I haven’t visited during the #winelover trip to Jerez in mid-February. I then finished with the Quevedo Ports that Oscar Quevedo was showing. 

Firstly – Bodegas Tradición

This is a small bodega, which has recently been revived, but that dates back to 1650. I tasted a lovely fresh, complex Fino, a good Amontillado and a very special Oloroso – see below. 


A series of great sherries from Viniberia, selected by Peter Dauthieu:

Attractive, fresh but characterful Fino from Sánchez Romate – just £8.50 a bottle from The Wine Society.

Excellent Amontillado from Sánchez Romate – lovely nutty, texture.

Palo Cortado – an attractive and striking blend of rich texture and an austere finish.


Very fine aged Oloroso – texture with a lovely blend of richness, power and austerity. £40 a bottle from The Wine Society.

Valdespino – one of my favourite Sherry producers:


The 2015 Manzanilla En Rama showing brilliantly at the moment. 

Palo Cortado Viejo: lovely balance of power and texture.


Two very special Sherries with concentration, texture and impressive length.


Ports from Quevedo: 

From Port producer Quevedo I particularly enjoyed the complex 30 Year Old White Port as well as the dense Crusted Port with its preserved cherry character. 

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3 réflexions sur “Sherries to the fore at the Big Fortifed Tasting

  1. Two quick comments: 1) even « spitting out fast » doesn’t prevent the alcohol from reaching the bloodstream through your gums and richly vascularized tong or cheeks mucosa. It is a fact. 2) palo cortado can be a marvel, in-between a very oxidized oloroso or a rich amontillado. I just love them. But there are many fakes.


  2. and white port is difficult too…


  3. as for these VORS (a way to increase the price ?), are they worth something in terms of GPQ (good quality/price) ???


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