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Jefford’s eloquent plea for the UK to remain in the EU + SA celebratory fizz

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Stronger in Europe
Boris Johnson No 10
The ex-Mayor of London – Boris Johnson – leads those campaigning to leave 
Johnson has long been a supporter of the EU and his decision to campaign to leave is widely seen as a brazen piece of political opportunism towards his ambition to become Prime Minister of the UK  
OK I know that most of this post is not about wine but it may be about something even more important than wine.
In less than a month the UK will vote on whether to remain a member of the European Union or leave. The Referendum will be on Thursday 23rd June 2016. Given that we joined the European Community in 1973 – 43 years ago – holding another Referendum on whether to stay in or not rather underlines our always ambivalent attitude to the European Union and the European ideal.
I have long been a convinced supporter of a European Union and hope that we will vote to remain in the EU. I see myself as a European whose main home is in London. To vote to leave would be a terrible mistake and a disaster.
Fortunately the recent opinion polls seem to be moving in the right direction – Remain now leads Leave where not long ago it was either a dead heat or a small lead for Leave. However, a month is still a long time and much could change. Also opinion polls can get results badly wrong. It does appear that the most significant factor is the economy and the likely economic effects leaving the EU would have. Here those pressing to leave appear to be losing the argument due to uncertainties involved.
AndrewJeffRoeds Andrew Jefford  
On Saturday wine writer Andrew Jefford posted on Facebook an eloquent and wise plea for remaining in the European Union:
‘These are my children’s eyes, photographed by their mother. They are young British citizens who, at present, live as freely in Europe as they could in the UK. They aren’t, of course, old enough to vote in the UK’s June 23rd referendum on continuing membership of the European Union, but their lives will be affected far more than my life will by the outcome. If you are a young British voter, please vote. It will be the most significant vote you’ll ever cast. No General Election will ever have this level of significance.
The economic arguments for Britain remaining in the European Union are many and compelling. Leaving would be an act of economic self-harm. Most of the putative upside – only thinly sketched out by those who wish the UK to leave the European Union – is hopeful fantasy, as would quickly become evident in the slow economic hangover that will follow any possible vote for Brexit. Independent international economists overwhelmingly concur with this view.
EU migration to the UK has been of great economic benefit. Farming, transport, construction and the health service are four sectors among many which would struggle in the UK without EU workers. Migration is not a separate issue to economics, as those advancing the Brexit argument assert.

Read the rest of Andrew’s post here.


Graham Beck’s Brut Rosé – a wine for celebrations

Brut Rosé

Brut Rosé BL
Over the weekend we have enjoyed three bottles of Graham Beck’s excellent Brut Rosé. A blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay it has been an ideal fizz to celebrate a 92nd birthday for Netta Macintyre. The Brut Rosé is clean and very nicely balanced with raspberry and red cherry flavours. Available from Majestic for £11.99 or £9.99 for a mixed six bottles it is very good value.
 Ideal fizz for a 92 year old 


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5 réflexions sur “Jefford’s eloquent plea for the UK to remain in the EU + SA celebratory fizz

  1. Of course it is for you Brits to decide but the economics don’t seem so bad for Norway or Switzerland who never joined – and whose citizens enjoy a lot of the same advantages as we do in what is called the EEE. They don’t need any visa to come to the EU – the same freedom of circulation and working applies in the EEE as in the EU.
    It seems all the big media have chosen the remain vote anyway.


  2. Media is very much on the Leave side


  3. Newspapers in the UK are full of anti-EU propaganda, most of it very blatant and simplistic, and have been for ages. Murdoch and his minions rule this. Johnson is an opportunistic clown. Let’s hope that good sense will prevail, but it could be close.

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  4. Jim, we don’t agree on everything – no need for that. But I appreciate your free mind, you know it. I’ve received lots of criticism because I don’t stick to “winey” things and often “wander” through more political issues in my comments. I vastly reduced my interventions on this blog because of that.
    You are more than correct in addressing the issue of the EU during your weekly column.
    We all resent the shallowness of the European administration, its lack of reactivity, its wickedness because of the many lobbies … but it has given us so much more.
    Brits are peculiar people (I know you well enough) and we would not be “unhappy” as such on the continent without your participation, but we would be weaker economically, we would miss the only country where personal freedom is still more than a pious empty word, we would miss the power of UK to moderate or balance those of GFR and bloody France .. and so on.
    But there is more to it: if ever Britain leaves the EU, it will throw your country into US arms, even more than is the case now. And there’s no need for that either.


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