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Unfortunately livin’ in interesting times

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Given the extraordinary political fall out from the UK Referendum vote on 23rd June 2016 it is still difficult to concentrate on wine. Of course, this is also not helped by the start of the world’s greatest sports event – Le Tour de France.

It is likely that anyone, who proposed what happened last week, as the plot for a political thriller might well have had it rejected on the grounds that it was too far fetched. Firstly David Cameron resigning as Prime Minister having lost the EU Referendum, which he had no need to call in the first place. Then the Leave ‘leadership’ fall out – Michael Gove knifing Boris Johnson front and back. At the same time there is turmoil in the Labour Party with Jeremy Corbyn after most of his fellow Labour Members of Parliament passed a vote of no confidence in his leadership. Finally this morning the vile leader of UKIP – Nigel Farage – has resigned as leader to spend more time with his family.


2014 The Bub, bottle fermented Pinot Noir, haywire 

Hoping that Gove has finished the ambitions of Johnson to become Prime Minister, I celebrated with a few glasses of the 2014 Le Bub sparkling from the currently very appropriately named haywire – a crush pad winery in Canada’s Okanagan Valley, British Columbia.  The winery in Summerland owned by Christine Coletta and Steve Lornie. The Bub is a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay – a fresh, vibrant fizz. Johnson doesn’t deserve anything more complex.

2014 Free Form, haywire

The 2014 Free Form natural and unfiltered Pinot Noir – a second sample from haywire – had more complexity. It is an attractive mid-weight Pinot Noir, which is rather more than can be said for the disappointingly bland and little thin 2012 Pinot Noir from Kumeu Village, New Zealand.

2012 Pinot Noir, Kumeu Village, New Zealand

Other shorts
Delighted to see Mark Cavendish win the first stage of the 2016 Tour de France at Utah Beach taking his list of stage wins to an amazing 27 and putting on the Yellow Jersey for the first time. Equally pleased to see Peter Sagan win yesterday – his first stage since 5th July 2013 – and also to wear the Yellow Jersey for the first time.  

Good also to see France show how poor the English football team is by comprehensively beating Iceland – England’s conquerors. I was very impressed by Iceland’s spirit continuing to fight hard despite being 4-0 down at half time.

Tomorrow I’m off to Lisbon for a while – looking forward to some excellent Portuguese wines and to get out of this madhouse for a while!

TDF 2016 update: 4.7.2016
Mark Cavendish just shades the sprint on Boulevard Foch in Angers to take his tally of Stage wins to an amazing 28 – equal to the great Bernard Hinault.





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3 réflexions sur “Unfortunately livin’ in interesting times

  1. Your British politicians are amateurs in terms of deceiving, or even despising the masses: today, Daniel Cohn-Bendit has declared that « we should stop saying that the People is not always right », comparing the Brexit with Nazi Germany. And last week, European Commissar Moscovici said the young voters should have had two votes, to make sure that the Remain won.
    I think these guys should go and found their democratic republic on the far side of Ganymedes. Or Europa. Let them take their good friend Mr Juncker with them – even Mrs Merkel now thinks he is part of the European problem.

    See here (if interested): http://www.politico.eu/article/the-time-of-jean-claude-juncker-troubles-european-commission-president-investment-plan-travel-meetings-scheduled/


  2. Hervé, I heard the whole of « Dany-le-Rouge’s » interview and must say I adhere 100 % to every word he said in it. My dear friend, you seem to react more and more « in hot blood ». By the way, there is one « not » too many in your quotation. DCB actually said (check if you please): « Il faut arrêter de prétendre que le peuple a toujours raison », exactly the opposite of what you infer. He cited a few examples of situations where the majority of people clearly were WRONG. And to this I can only loudly clap my hands.
    A clever man once declared: « La majorité des gens sont des imbéciles, la minorité aussi, mais ils sont moins nombreux ». Democracy, in my limited mind, consists in abiding by the decision of the majority, whatever it is, but by trying one’s hardest to influence people in the direction one thinks preferable (ethically speaking, I mean).
    If you intervene as a more and more thoroughbred convinced « franchouillard », which you have every right to do, it’s OK. But as a journalist (are you?), your present lack of neutrality is pathetic.
    I still keep a 1985 Le Gay to share with you, though. It will refresh your faulty synapses!!!!!!!


  3. Jim. I posted on other medias the proof of the little advantage (in terms of time) I took on you. It is already 2 days since I opened – and swallowed – a bottle of Graham’s 1991, in honour of my dearest of daughters’ arrival. And I matched it to a very decent queijo amanteigado (raw milk and thistle, as ought to be). So, no Queasy jet or whatever, just pure jubilation and satisfaction.
    More seriously, I still wonder who’s exactly behind Brexit (a bloody foolish and DANGEROUS decision for all of us by any means), but those who willingly installed (Cameron, Farage and Co) it and then QUIT are rascals of the lowest class.
    Still, I see one advantage to it: all non-UE citizens should be forbidden to drive on the continent, and also to ride a bicycle. This would return the Belgian pharmacists the edge they had in the past. Nowadays, the British medicine-men seem to have a clear wheel ahead.


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