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Islay partially distilled

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Time for a dram – the clock at Bowmore Distillery 

IMG_5181Bowmore Distillery

We are spending a week on Islay, an island off the West Coast of Scotland and famous for its distilleries. We arrived on Saturday as foot passengers and our car arrived on Sunday midday due to problems with the ferries. This week’s post will be mainly photos taken on Monday when we took photos of four of the Islay distilleries and other aspects of the island. Islay has the largest concentration of distilleries in a small area apart, perhaps, from Speyside.

The harbour at Bowmore  

Bowmore: pagoda chimneys  


Laphroaig – one of the three major distilleries by Port Ellen and the most westerly
(above and below)


Seaweed close to the sea shore – the essence of Laphroaig?

Peats – peat smoke is part of many Islay malts

Lagavulin: the second of the three distilleries by Port Ellen


Ornamental copper still @Ardbeg

Arbeg – third distillery  and the most easterly

Port Ellen – a closed distillery now a maltings
remaining bottles of Port Ellen retail for up to more than £2000


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5 réflexions sur “Islay partially distilled

  1. Hullo Jim, would you say that there is an Islay terroir effect, or an Isle of Jura terroir-effect and if it is so, what would it be?
    Or is it completely irrelevant in the whisky context?


  2. Hervé. I am no whisky expert. I enjoy a dram from time to time and am visiting Islay as a tourist. However, it would seem likely that there is some terroir aspect given that the Islay and other West Coast malts have their own style albeit with wide variations from other single malts and this may be due to them being close to the Atlantic ocean. But much of the flavour will be down to the use of peat etc, barrels, the type of barley etc. In terms of taste Laphroaig is the most extreme but the three distilleries –Lagavulin, Laphroaig and Ardbeg are all close together but have different nuances. Other Islay malts, such as Caol Ila – we have invested in a 12 YO – are more gentle even though they are also on the coast.

    I have long been struck that Dalwhinnie, the highest Scottish distillery, is a gentle spirit which does not reflect its surroundings.


  3. Nice pictures Jim. You give the spirit well!

    The « terroir » effect in distilled spirits is highly debatable and in any case has to be modified in its parameters from the wine version. As you say, humidity and what is in the air can affect the product during the ageing process, and the longer that is, the greater the effect, probably. The barrel clearly has a huge effect, hence the current emphasis on barrels of sherry, sauternes or whatever for some top-price whiskies. Peat used during the malting also, perhaps. But, like you, I am not a whisky expert.

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