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vglamoursPicking in Sancerre September 2009

By the time this post appears on the portal of Les 5 du Vin, I will have left London behind and will be installed in the far east of Indre-et-Loire – able to watch the folly and confusion of Brexit from a distance. To date we have established that Brexit means Brexit just as Weetabix means Weetabix, Ready Brek means Ready Brek, while beanz means Heinz. I trust this makes the UK’s post EU referendum position crystal clear….

We will be in the Loire to follow the 2016 harvest such as it will be after the ravages of frost, mildew as well as hail in places such as Jasnières. It is difficult to imagine that it will be a happy vintage with lots of joyous and pleased vignerons and vigneronnes as there were in years like 2005, 2009, 2010, 2014 and 2015.

Picking will be late. Muscadet is expected to start from around the 20th-22nd September, while some like Lamé Delisle Boucard think that they won’t pick their Cabernet until as late as 26th October. The very dry, hot weather through July and August hasn’t helped their few remaining grapes to ripen as their vines have shut down due to lack of water. However, in the Anjou-Saumur region they started picking Chardonnay for the Crémants yesterday.

I expect to have more detailed updates on the 2016 Loire harvest next and subsequent Tuesdays.

François Chidaine and Jacky Blot with their 
Vin de France Vouvray

I was very pleased to see that Jacky Blot and François Chidaine now have eight stars between them for their wines, which include their Montlouis and Vin de France Vouvray. Jacky and Joëlle Blot have been promoted to a five star domaine in the latest Bettane et Desseauve guide, while François and Manuéla are now a three star domaine in La Revue du Vin de France. You would have thought that Vouvray would be keen to  have these two producers adding lustre to their appellation rather than treating them as outcasts……still it is what is in the bottle that is important. I will happily buy and drink their Vin de France Vouvray.


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