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A breakthrough against wine-fraud? Everledger/ Chai Wine Vault’s passport.

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 Part of Maureen Downey’s collection of fakes 

Rupert Millar (The Drinks Business) checking 

a label under the guidance of Maureen Downey


 « Oh dear this Pétrus 1945 bought
in Deptford Market may be a fake!!! »

Maureen offers Rupert guidance 

Leoni Runge from Everledger explaining the new link up 

between them and Chai Wine Vaults.

Previously Everledger was providing on-line provenance 

for diamonds


Providing provenance for diamonds 

 A real 2001 Château Margaux with a
fake 1934 La Tache
(above and below)

On Friday evening there was a brief presentation at 67 Pall Mall, a fashionable wine club in the centre of the West End of London – just a stone’s throw away from Berry Bros & Rudd, of new system from Everledger for providing an ‘immutable’ on-line record of high value wine. This is a partnership between Everledger and Maureen Downey’s Chai Consulting/Wine.Fraud.com. Maureen is one of the world’s leading experts on wine counterfeiting. 

The record is entirely on-line – not on paper, which Maureen does not trust as it can be tampered with. The Everledger/Chai bottle passport sets out to be a tamperproof, immutable record of a bottle of wine providing full record of a wine’s history, who has owned it and where it has been stored etc. that cannot be tampered with as well as who authenticated – has to be an individual not a company – that the contents match what the label claims.
Of course someone could chose not to update the bottle’s record but that would cause a gap in the history and ought to raise questions/suspicions just as a gap in someone’s CV often raises questions.
Although undoubtedly Coravin has it advantages, it also offers a big opportunity to the counterfeiter. Downey disclosed that some estates, including certain Bordeaux First Growths are considering including a chip beneath the cork that would register if it has been pierced.
Pricing for this new service has yet to be decided. Much of the initial authentication will be done by top estates that buy into this system.

If this on-line passport becomes widespread for fine wine, it could also provide wine investors that companies, who have been persuaded them to buy wine as an investment, that this actually exists. This ought to make frauds perpetuated by companies such as The Bordeaux Wine Trading Company and Bordeaux Fine Wine Ltd, who failed to buy wine that their investor clients bought. Unfortunately this is unlikely to be foolproof as fraudsters target the elderly who may well not be aware of this new system.

À suivre !


Nick Martin of Wine Owners
Nick thinks that his company may well adopt the new system

The fake 1934 La Tache with the torch
that is an essential tool of trade to authenticate a wine


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Une réflexion sur “A breakthrough against wine-fraud? Everledger/ Chai Wine Vault’s passport.

  1. I guess my best chance to ever drink a La Tache would be to drink a fake La Tache ;-))
    So should we see wine fraud as a way to improve the availability of expensive wines? (just joking, of course, fraud is very bad, almost as bad as selling wine with a margin of 150% or more).

    PS. My regards to Rupert.

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