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#winelover in the madness of Brexit (lack of progress report)

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UKIP and Farage + papers like Daily Mail played and continue to play race card

My apologies for rather straying from the subject of wine but as we head towards the six month anniversary of the madness of the UK’s lunatic referendum result, I think a progress report from this little island off the coast of France is in order.

As you may imagine Brexit remains a major topic of news and conversations here. In contrast on continental Europe my experience from time spent recently in France and Portugal, the UK’s leap off an economic cliff comes some way down the list of conversational gambits for very obvious reasons.

To date, despite having six months to cobble together a  policy, no-one in the Government appears to have any clue about what they actually want from Brexit or a realistic idea of what they actually get. Our Prime Minister has been declaring since July that « Brexit means Brexit » – slightly less useful than saying « croissant means croissant »….

A few days ago she managed another ringing but equally meaningless slogan – « We want a red, white and blue Brexit ». Impressive that this took nearly six months to formulate…..

Prime Minister May wants to trigger Article 50 that sets in motion the UK’s move to leave the EU and last week the timetable was agreed by our parliament with our official opposition – The Labour Party – agreeing to this timetable despite the Government’s failure to inform them or anyone else what their negotiation strategy.

There is, however, a big potential hindrance to this end of March 2017 timetable. Last month London’s High Court ruled that Prime Minister May cannot trigger Article 50 by using the royal prerogative. The UK government appealed this decision to our Supreme Court. Arguments were presented last week with a decision expected before the end of January 2017. There was an added complication with Scotland and Northern Ireland permitted to argue that Scotland and Northern Ireland should be allowed to give consent to triggering Article 50. If  the Government loses the appeal it will have to introduce a bill to Parliament to get consent to triggering Article 50.

Meanwhile there are some indications that regions that voted to leave the EU last June are now having second thoughts. A poll in Sunderland claims that 60% would now vote to remain. Another poll shows that Britons do not support a Brexit that leaves them worse off. Sadly a number of those who voted to leave bought the blatant lies that leaving the EU would produce loads of money that could be spent on our National Health Service. Little surprise that in this crazy year of 2016 Boris Johnson, one of the chief peddlers of this NHS lie, is now our Foreign Secretary….

The one bit of good news recently has been the enticing possibility of EU associate citizenship for individuals. I’m certainly up for this and expect to see thousands forming an orderly queue behind me….

Breaking news: yesterday afternoon a knifeman stabs another man on train at Forest Hill, where I live in London, apparently shouting that he wanted ‘to kill Muslims’. Hatred stoked by Daily Mail, The Sun etc + UKIP? Dark days indeed!

That’s all from the lunatic asylum for the moment.














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3 réflexions sur “#winelover in the madness of Brexit (lack of progress report)

  1. Come on JIm. Cheer up. It’s just politicians playing their silly politic games. They don’t possess any real power. It’s still the City that rules Britannia. On this side of the Channel, all the mad men fight in order to be their party’s candidate for the next election. They have no program (that is, except Fillon, but his is utterly unrealistic),they have no ideal, they have no vision. All they want is the job, the fake power that goes with it and the life-long retirement money afterwards. I hate modern democracy … but wouldn’t like another system though.

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    • Bonjour Luc. I have to say that I never had you down as a patient of the good Doctor Pangloss….. Glad you mentioned the City of London, Brexit could well see many banks moving their HQs from London to Paris, Dublin, Frankfurt etc. In a further addition to the gloom in this isle, there was a stabbing on a train at Forest Hill, where I live in South London, yesterday by a man shouting that he wanted to kill Muslims. A consequence of the anti-immigrant/ anti-Muslim stance of some of our newspapers like The Mail and The Sun etc poisoning our body politic. I cheer up when I’m in France or Portugal. Have also invested in a new road bike. Santé Jim


  2. Jim, cynicism is the seed to any other form of intelligent thinking. I admit I tend to stick with this seminal side and refuse to … let it grow. You won’t believe my true story. My father was a very honest man, to the edge of psychotic obsession. At least, he served as a useful template for this aspect of mankind which is dear to me. Apart from that, I’m afraid he was wrong over the whole range. When my parents considered I was to be punished, they had me copy (hand written) pages and pages of … Voltaire’s « Candide ». This is the absolute truth. I respect this man, but it took me ten years afterwards to read him again of my own doing. I almost missed one of history’s most prominent thinkers because of that stupid way they had to break me into obeying their bourgeois way of thinking. Amongst French « philosophers », he competes with none (except the great Victor Hugo) as far as individual freedom of speech and tolerance (yes, tolerance, not acceptation) are concerned. You know I personally think that freedom is unlimited. Tolerance is another kettle of fish. I would gladly erase any form of religion (be it islamic or otherwise) from this very planet, but I think any human being is entitled to be a christian or a muslim, or whatever, if he so pleases. You see, my tolerance goes towards people, but is nihil as far as their pathetic belief itself is concerned.


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