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Zéros + an update on Wine.Pop

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Jacky Blot’s very successful Triple Zéro

On 28th November my fellow Cinq – David – decried ‘la dictature du faible dosage en Champagne‘.

I don’t know when the first non dosé Loire sparkling wine was released but certainly this has become a popular and successful category of fizz in the Loire. In my experience sparkling wines from good Loire producers work well with refreshing but not sharp acidity.

I have chosen two examples that I am always happy to drink – Jacky Blot’s Triple Zéro (AC Montlouis) and the Brut Zéro Crémant de Loire from Château de l’Aulée in Azay-le-Rideau. They illustrate why Zéro fizz wines from the Loire work due to low yields and picking the grapes when they are ripe. Both of these wines have no sugar added at any stage of their production, so it is not just a question of zero dosage.

Take Triple Zéro. Its catchy name underlines the point that there is no additional sugar – zero for the vin clair, zero for the secondary fermentation and zero at dégorgement. Blot picks the grapes for Triple Zéro at between 12˚-12.5˚ potential from yields between 3–40 hectolitres per hectare. His grapes have enough natural sugar and ripe acidity to render adjustments unnecessary.

Château de l’Aulée, on the eastern side of Azay-le-Rideau, was founded in 1856 by Cordier, the Bordeaux négociant. It was bought in 1973 by Champagne Deutz, who then sold it to the current owners – Marielle Henrion, an oenologist from Champagne, and her husband Arnaud from Touraine.

Two fine Loire sparkling wines to celebrate not only Christmas and the New Year but to enjoy throughout the year.


Brut Zéro, Crémant de Loire Château de l’Aulée
(above and below)



Wine.Pop: Tim Brown sacked

tom-voltzTom Voltz – founder and editor in chief of Wine.Pop

On the 18th November I warned about the involvement of fraudster Tim Brown (Aaron Timmer Brown) in the wine tourist app – Wine.Pop. I am delighted to report that Tim Brown is no longer involved in Wine.Pop. He was sacked by Tom Voltz, the founder and owner of Wine.Pop on Thursday 8th December. Brown’s contract, which was due to run to the end of 2016 with a possible extension, was terminated with immediate effect. I can only assume that Brown had been up to his old tricks.

I now hope that Wine.Pop, which seeks to provide a platform for lesser known wineries to attract visitors, will be a success.

As for Tim Brown, the abrupt and early ending of his contract with Wine.Pop, tells you all you need to know about Brown along with his theft of the bulk of the Paul Kimmage Defense Fund and his failure to honour the maintenance payments in Canada to his wife.

This latest episode should persuade anyone in the wine industry in Catalonia and the rest Spain that it is a very bad idea to employ Tim Brown (aka Aaron Timmer Brown) in any capacity whatsoever.

More details on Jim’s Loire here.


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Une réflexion sur “Zéros + an update on Wine.Pop

  1. The next day: Word Press Orbituaries
    « It is our sad duty to inform you of the death of one of our dearest contributors. The late Jim Budd was found cold on the pavement of a local bodega in Catalonia, with a note stating: From Brownia with love … ». The police are not sure what to do of it.
    Smerz journaloniam!


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