Champagne Jayne: will anyone @CIVC pay for this nonsense?


Decision by IP Australia to throw out CIVC’s opposition
to Champagne Jayne trademark

The letter above from IP Australia to Jayne Powell – better known as Champagne Jayne – should be the end of the CIVC’s absurd, vindictive and bullying pursuit of Powell. A pursuit that has damaged the Champagne brand, at least within the industry, and wasted very substantial sums of CIVC money on a very nasty and vicious attempt to drive Powell into the ground both personally and financially.

All credit to Champagne Jayne for having stood up to such a powerful organisation with its very substantial financial and legal resources.

One might imagine that Powell was one of Champagne’s fiercest and relentless critics. The opposite is the case – Champagne Jayne is one of the region’s greatest supporters. Furthermore, despite all the vile crap the CIVC threw at her, she remains an ardent Champagne supporter.

Happier days – 9th September 2012 Jayne is
made a Dame Chevalier of Champagne  

IMG_4183 (1)
Champagne Jayne still bubbly despite everything!

Here are some links to the CIVC’s persecution of Champagne Jayne – here, here (includes a timeline of the case) and here.

It has been very disappointing to see that no Champagne producer, to my knowledge, has stood up for Jayne. Instead there has been some evidence of a whispering campaign against Jayne along the lines of ‘there’s more to this than meets the eye…..’

Is it too much to hope that someone in Champagne will be prepared to ask some questions of the CIVC over this expensive humiliation?

Three questions immediately come to mind:

* who at the CIVC made the decision to launch this campaign against her?
* how much money was fruitlessly wasted attempting to bully one of their staunchest  supporters?
*  will anyone from the CIVC resign over this debacle?

It is instructive that the CIVC appear to be perfectly happy with the many individuals and some companies who offer services as ‘Champagne Escorts’. Search Google for Champagne Escorts and you get 12.5 million results….!

4 escorts

Champagne Escorts

Does anyone know of the CIVC pursuing any Champagne escorts for ‘tarnishing’ their reputation?

This week we are celebrating 30 years since buying our shared house in Touraine’s Cher Valley. You can be sure that we will not be celebrating with Champagne – it would be so inappropriate…..

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