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A busy weekend in the Loire

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Un Bourgueil caché

Café de la Promenade in Bourgueil has long been a favourite haunt for Les 5 du Vin, although we have only once managed to assemble all five of us there at the same time. This was in June 2012 when we enjoyed a memorable weekend tasting and visiting in Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil and Bourgueil. This included the remarkable tasting of old vintages in the cellar of Lamé Delisle Boucard back to 1893 as well as the launch of the Conservatoire of grape varieties at Benais.

David was the first to experience the delights of Café de la Promenade and has been back on a number of occasions.

David – the artist as a young man @2013 edition of Bourgueilothérapie 

We were across in Bourgueil in part for the 2017 edition of Bourgueillothérapie, which sadly proved to be a non-event despite still being advertised on Facebook. The concept was good linking wine, art with raising money for charities through selling the art produced during the event.  It worked for several years but recently it has been clear that it hasn’t attracted a sufficient number of people and the art was increasingly bought by the artists’ family and friends. If Bourgueillothérapie is to survive and prosper it needs additional people to provide fresh impetus to attract a new audience.

On Saturday night we had a very enjoyable meal at the Café de la Promenade, one of our Loire favourites. The Café in Bourgueil is now run by Norah and Sam, who have smartened up the establishment. This has involved making better use of the space available and well as upgrading the facilities including the toilet. 


We started with a shared slate of of charcuterie – a classic from Ludo and Sophie’s tenure. After our apéro – a glass each of Bourgueil Rosé – we launched into the delicious and concentrated 2014 Conversation from Domaine Ansodelles with its mass of ripe black fruits. You still choose your wine from the wine store at the southern end of the bar and there continues to be an interesting selection of wines – mainly from the Loire but also other French regions. 

2014 Conversation, Bourgueil, Domaine Ansodelles

Perfectly cooked faux-filet

Spicy chicken croustillant

A small selection of cheese 

The 2014 Conversation had been too delicious so we decided to invest in a half bottle of 2015 from Le Petit Saint Vincent. As an entry level wine with an emphasis on red fruits it was somewhat at a disadvantage in comparison to Conversation.


CRM finished with a killer rich chocolate mousse.

Bio Jours 17

2017 Les Bios Jours, Abbaye de Bourgueil
I spent Sunday morning at Les Bios Jours – an opportunity to taste wines from some 56 Loire organic vignerons. It was a convivial and relaxed occasion with time to taste some of the wines and take some photos before we headed off to Azay-le-Rideau and Château d’Aulée for Pique-Nique chez les Vignerons.

Benoît et Céline Blet
Benoît et Céline Blet, Les Terres Blanches, Oiron
A new discovery – they make an interesting range of Chenin Blancs

2017 Pique-Nique chez les Vignerons – Château d’Aulée, Azay-le-Rideau 

ChâteaupiqueChâteau de l’Aulée and a previous edition of the Pique-Nique Chez les Vignerons

2017 a very friendly meal with our four neighbours from
Tours keen to share their food with us
This is an excellent initiative bringing people to
the vineyards to enjoy themselves!

Jim Budd

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