Adegga Wine Market Lisbon 1st December 2017 @Marriott Hotel, Lisboa

Friday 1st December sees the 2017 winter edition of the Adegga Wine Market, which will again be held at the Lisbon Marriott Hotel. The Adegga Wine Markets are a great opportunity to taste and buy some of Portugal’s best and most exciting wines.

If you are in Lisbon this Friday and you want to get a good handle on what is happening in Portuguese wines then this event is unmissable. 

Ticket prices range from 15€ to 50€ per person. There is a special deal for two (60€). The price of the more expensive tickets can be set against wine bought. The winter edition includes the Premium Room – see details of the wines below. Tickets for this room cost 50€ a person.  

O Adegga WineMarket é um evento de vinhos de qualidade.

Descubra 500 vinhos de 60 produtores seleccionados.
Escolha e prove vinhos entre os 5€ e os 50€.
Compre os vinhos que mais gostou a preços de evento.
Receba em casa os vinhos que comprou directamente ao produtor.
Utilize o SmartWineGlass para se lembrar dos vinhos que provou.
Traga os amigos e aproveite o ambiente descontraído.

1 de Dezembro, Sexta-feira    |    Lisbon Marriott Hotel, Lisboa    

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Innovations for this edition:

Adegga Bio
O Adegga Bio é uma nova experiência dedicada aos vinhos Biológicos, Biodinâmicos, Sustentáveis e Naturais dentro do Adegga WineMarket. O Adegga lança a nova experiência acompanhando a evolução do mercado mundial e o elevado interesse dos consumidores em conhecer produtos e produtores Bio.

Wine walks
Looking for the inside track on the 500 wines to taste? If so join a Wine Walk hosted by local experts journalists, winemakers, sommeliers, bloggers doing thematic 30 min tours of the event with groups of 10 people. Topics will include
’10 good white wines below 10€’.



Return of the Sala Premium(Premium Room)
Uma experiência premium numa zona exclusiva dentro do Adegga WineMarket com prova de vinhos Premium, topo de gama e Vinhos do Porto antigos. Uma oportunidade para provar vinhos especiais. O bilhete de acesso à Sala Premium tem um custo de 50€.

Wines in the Premium Room are presented by sommeliers Sérgio Antunes e Vanessa Gonçalves.

Wines in the Premium Room:

Two Covela wines in the Premium Room this year


Liz, Jim, Anthony

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  1. Good news for me, Jim. My best friend has for the time being an estate (large flat or cottage, dunno) being built for him in the south of Lisbon, limit Alentejo, he says. Prior to moving in,he’s offered a temporary housing that will be available as soon as Jan 1st 2018. I will HAVE to pay him many visits as he will soon live there, leaving his present time … Waterloo home. I cannot wait to meet General Blücher.

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