Galette des Rois – choosing a suitable beverage accompaniment

Stag's Breath 

Stag’s Breath – a blend of Speyside whiskies and honeycomb 
made in Newtonmore in Scotland’s Cairngorms 


I was sitting in a hospital bed in Raigmore Hospital in Inverness with a slight morphine high following an operation that morning to reattach my quads to my left knee when the request from our highly esteemed editor came through. Namely some suggestions as to what to drink with galette des rois. Here, for the uninitiated, is a recipe for this galette.  

Replying that I was not really in a fit state to offer sensible suggestions at this immediate moment our rédacteur-en-chef magnanimously allowed me to be excused on this occasion adding that the tradition of la Galette des Rois is not strong in our funny little island off mainland Europe. A little island governed by lying idiotic lemmings.

Now a few days after my operation I am ready and more fit to consider our editor’s request. He is quite correct that there is no tradition of consuming Galette des Rois here in the U.K. to celebrate the visit of the three kings. I understand that this galette traditionally served in Catholic countries is sponsored by the Grand Syndicat des Dentistes.

Despite this I am happy to offer a few suggestions. Unlike my distinguished colleagues here I have not fought shy of sweetness attempting to match sweetness.  

As I will be recuperating in the Highlands, my first suggestion has a local flavour – Stag’s Breath whisky liqueur. This is a blend of Speyside whiskies and honeycomb and is made in the small town of Newtonmore. It is always served at Hogmanay during Newtonmore’s seeing the New Year in celebrations. This liqueur is rather in the style of Drambuie. Quite how it was blended to capture the characteristics of a Stag’s Breath I think would be best to gloss over and move on.

Looking after the stall A couple of women handing out samples of
Stag’s Breath and shortbread to revellers
at Newtonmore’s 2017/18 Hogmanay celebrations



I play the fortified card for my other suggestions – aged dry Amontillado or Oloroso, 10 or 20 year white Port or a similarly aged Tawny or Bual from Madeira  – Vinhos Barbeito by preference.

Should I find that the galette is detracting from my enjoyment of any of the fortified suggestions, I would offer the rest of the galette to my dog Modération (il faut toujours boire avec modération…) and refill my glass.

Santé and watch your teeth…









8 réflexions sur “Galette des Rois – choosing a suitable beverage accompaniment

  1. Jim Budd

    Hi Hervé. I have to say that I don’t follow or consume this style of drink. I used to have to follow liqueurs when I was writing for duty-free trade magazines.


  2. Jim, I am deeply shocked and also disappointed to see that, apparently, you do not wear Hawaian-style long-johns in your hostpital bed or wherever you are currently recumbant.
    By the way, I do appreciate your expression « lying idiotic lemmings »


    1. Jim Budd

      David. Although I can well understand your disappointment, consternation and shock that Hawaian-style long-johns the photo shows me sans Hawaian-style long-johns, in my defence I have to point out that this photo was taken just outside the X-Ray theatre at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness prior to having the necessary X-Rays taken. and under nurse’s orders. Please be assured that once this was done I returned to being correctly attired.


      1. Jim Budd

        You are, of course, correct Hervé. They were originally silver with a parrot motif but over recent decades they have become a fashion item, so different designs were introduced……


  3. Charlier Luc

    I’m very proud to announce that the picture featured on the « 5 du vin’s » original contribution « Les 5 s’engagent etc ….  » (january 6th) actually is Christine’s. At that time, it hadn’t been baked yet. And tonight, it is halfway gulped down. DE-LI-CI-OUS!


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