Who, when and where: a look at our readership

The New Year period is traditionally one used for summing up, taking stock and, maybe, looking forward with some form of resolution. I will leave the last part out of this article as I have always found that New Year’s resolutions are a pretty good waste of time.

The idea of this article is to take a look at you, our readers, and to give you a form of self-portrait. We spend all the year writing our articles about our own little ideas, memories, inspirations, pet loves and hates in the world of wine, but we never thank you, our readers for taking the trouble to look at or even read our prose, more or less illustrated by the images that go with the articles.

This blog is totally free, which means that all five of us do this out of love (for want of a better word) of our profession and the wide and often wonderful world of wine. But it interested me to take this opportunity to look at you, our readers, both regular and occasional. And this has produced several interesting facts.

Les 5 du Vin
readership trends
average monthly figures
year thousands
2013 15,5
2014 23,4
2015 27,7
2016 28,2
2017 30,1
2018 32,8

Firstly, over the past five years, the average monthly readership of this partially bi-lingual blog has doubled. In 2013 you were on average 15,500 to take a look at our articles each month (we have no idea how extensively the articles were read!). In 2018 you were almost 33,000.

Top 20 countries for connections in thousands to Les 5 du vin in 2018
1 France (245k)
2 USA (43k)
3 Belgium (27k)
4 Switzerland (13k)
5 Canada (13k)
6 Spain (8k)
7 UK (4k)
8 Hong Kong (3,5k)
9 Italy (3,2k)
10 Germany (3k)
11 Morocco (2k)
12 Greece (2k)
13 Luxembourg (1,8k)
14 Japan (1,8k)
15 Rumania (1,4k)
16 Holland (1,2k)
17 Portugal (1k)
18 Brasil (1k)
19 Tunisia (1k)
20 Sweden (1k)

Secondly, this readership is highly diversified in terms of the countries from which the connections originated (it is not possible to identify the nationalities of readers of course). Above is a chart that shows the top 20 countries for the year 2018, but there are many other countries with smaller numbers of connections. I have counted well over 100 altogether, of which a total of 50 have made thousands or hundreds of connections during the past year. We can thus say that our readership has become truly international.

Part of this international aspect of our readership can be explained by the origins and/or countries of residence of the five authors who contribute an article every  week, aided and abetted from time to time by a few guest writers, from Italy, Switzerland and Canada (to date and as far as I can remember). Two of us are English: Jim lives most of the year in England but is also regularly in Scotland, France or Portugal; I live in France but travel quite regularly to many other countries as well as to other parts of France. The Belgian contingent consists of Marc and Hervé, although Hervé is in fact French, and both travel regularly, mainly to wine regions throughout Europe. Finally Marie-Louise regularly hops across the border between the French and the Spanish parts of Catalonia. A slight surprise is the relative weakness of our British readership when compared to that from two other English-speaking countries, namely the USA and Canada, not to mention Hong Kong.

Yet I would hazard a guess that it is this diversity, which is of course intensified by our different ways of looking at wine and our varied experiences in the wine business, that forms one of the attractions of this blog. But who knows finally in this mysterious world of the internet?

All I can say is thank you and keep reading. For our part, we will keep trying to provide material that is worthy of your interest.

David Cobbold



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