Photos from various recent events…..

Millésime Bio 2019

A few photos of the 1200 exhibitors at this year’s edition of Millésime Bio. The increase in numbers indicates the growth of organic and biodynamic viticulture.

Marie et Anne Guegniard, Domaine de la Bergerie,




 António Ribeiro, Casa da Mouraz, Dão


Oscar and his sister Claúdia: Quevedo, Douro Valley





An Englishman in Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Béatriz et Neil Joyce, 


Bottles from a very good tasting of the wines from 

Château de Parnay (Saumur and Saumur Champigny) 

Some standout bottles from the tasting 

Antoine Gerbelle – quel media vedette !!



Renaissance 2019, Angers

Jonathan et Nina Pabiot

Jonathan et Nina Pabiot, Pouilly-Fumé

Jo Landron

Jo Landron, Domaines Landron (Pays Nantais)
The heavy rain of last June has clearly rendered
Jo’s moustache ever more luxuriant…..

Antoine Daviau

Antoine Daviau (Domaine de Bablut, Anjou)

Michel Autran

Michel Autran, Vouvray

Visit to Belargus (February 3rd 2019)

On Sunday a group of journalists, buyers etc. visited the three sites of Domaine Belargus – Savennières, Quarts de Chaume and the Clos des Treilles.

30 ares Sav

30 ares of Savennières, just below Roche aux Moines

30 ares Sav + Ivan

Ivan Massonnat and the 30 ares of Savennières

West part of Treilles

Famous Clos des Treilles

Jo Pithon Clos des Treilles

Jo Pithon and the Clos des Treilles

Salon des Vins de Loire 2019   

Salon des Vins de Loire
Jacques Carroget
One of the pioneers of the natural wine movement.
Jacques started making natural wine in 2000.
Marie, Jacques’ daughter

Marie et JacquesMarie et Jacques


7 réflexions sur “Photos from various recent events…..

  1. Gosh, before I even finished my first line, WordPress published it final!
    What I wanted to say, Jim, is I like Jo’s picture (long time not seen, nice chap).
    But, even so, and I don’t know why, my favorite snapshot is Marie Carroget’s. The eyes

    Aimé par 1 personne

  2. Again …. The eyes are beautiful, so is her face and the photograph did an excellent job.

    PS: I precise I haven’t drunk anything, my hands are not cold nor exhausted. It’s just this silly program of yours!


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