Escape from Brexit madness + a wonderful London Pakistani restaurant

Parliament Square- 7.9.19.jpeg

London: Parliament Square: Saturday 7th September 2019


Apparently this is the UK’s Prime Minister

Leaving the Brexit madness behind

By the time you read this post I will be in the Loire for the 2019 vintage. The Ban des Vendanges for Muscadet was Thursday 5th September – relatively early but by no means as early as some recent vintages when the Ban was declared in late August.

I will leave behind a dramatic political situation as Brexit appears to be coming to crisis with still nobody clear what will actually happen. However, we appear to have a new Prime Minister whose preferred option looks to be no deal despite the likely catastrophic consequences that even our Government has highlighted. The Conservative Party appears to be disintegrating, the Labour Party has an ineffective leader, our ‘Prime Minister’ says he will not obey the new law passed last week to prevent a ‘No Deal’ exit.

Remarkable to watch your own country have a nervous breakdown……..





The Lahore Kebab House

As a relief from this Brexit chaos and nonsense five of us headed last Friday evening to The Lahore Kebab House for dinner. LKH is on the Commercial Road (A13), one of the arteries of London’s East End that leads out past London City Airport, Tilbury until it reaches Southend. This large, extraordinarily buzzy, very busy, no-frills restaurant now occupies three floors, although most of the time only the ground floor is used, which on a busy mid-evening Friday night is completely packed.

The reason for its success: it produces excellent Pakistani food, which is brilliantly fresh because of the turnover – breads like nan or roti arrive so hot that you have to tear at them rapidly and gingerly because they are so hot and fresh. As I say there are no frills – the food comes in metal dishes, paper napkins and the menus are laminated plastic. It is the quality of the food that counts as well as the amazingly reasonable price.

On Friday we started with two portions of grilled lamb chops, a very generous plate of onion bhaji and some roti, which we followed with two chicken dishes, a wonderful dry lamb curry, two spinach dishes, rice and several nan. As usual we ordered a little more than we could finish. The damage – £18 with including a tip.



Why so cheap? The Lahore does not sell alcohol but this does not mean that this is a dry meal as bringing your own alcohol is encouraged as there is no corkage charge. They also used to provide wine glasses on request but people either broke or stole them, so this service was stopped. Instead we just take our own along with some wine. On this occasion we took a sparkling NV Montlouis from the Cave Co-operative, which was initially attractive but I found the dosage too high, so it became cloying. Our other bottle was another of our purchases from the Cave la Comtadine at Puymeras – 2016 Les Vieilles Vignes, Côtes du Rhône. This is a powerful and concentrated blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault. The suggested food pairings on the back label are meat in a sauce and cheese. I’m not sure whether ‘viandes en sauce’ includes curry sauces but our red coped with the spicing pretty well.

I can thoroughly recommend the Lahore Kebab House if you are looking for an excellent but cheap, no frills Pakistani meal.


Map of the Lahore Kebab House showing nearest Undergound and Overground stations:
Aldgate East and Whitechapel (Underground) + Shadwell and Whitechapel (Underground).

The Lahore Kebab House
2-10 Umberston St, Whitechapel, London E1 1PY
Tel: 020-7481 9737
Opening hours: Noon to 1am








4 réflexions sur “Escape from Brexit madness + a wonderful London Pakistani restaurant

  1. Boris loves Europe:
    « Le tempétueux Boris Johnson pourrait-il mettre fin à une querelle vieille de plusieurs décennies? Le principal avocat du Brexit est contre toute attente un amoureux du berceau de la civilisation européenne, lui qui a étudié les lettres classiques et la philosophie à Oxford. Une aubaine pour le nouveau premier ministre grec, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, qui est en campagne pour récupérer les sculptures du Parthénon conservées au British Museum. Il se dit prêt à exposer à Londres des trésors qui n’ont encore jamais quitté la Grèce, en échange du retour des marbres qui ornaient jadis le temple grec »
    Info Grèce.


    1. Jim Budd

      Johnson a pas des convictions pour lui c’est le pouvoir et l’ambition avant tout. Pour lui le Brexit est l’autoroute de pouvoir……


  2. David Cobbold

    Jim I lived for a year or so, when I was a student back in the late 1960s, in Whitechapel and right nearby this Pakistani restaurant. Jack the Ripper land!

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