André Simon Book Awards 2019


2019 Drink Book Winner:
8th edition of The World Atlas of Wine:
Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson 

The winners of the André Simon Awards 2019 were announced last evening at the Goring Hotel in Victoria, Central London. This edition of the awards was for books published during 2019. The Awards were started in 1964 by André Simon at the suggestion of his then young helper Hugh Johnson. There are two sections: drink books and food books.

Dan Jagos

Dan Jago running through his drink book assessments

The drink books were assessed by Dan Jago, ex-boss of Berry Bros & Rudd and prior to that drinks supremo for Tesco. The decisions are then made in conjunction with the trustees of the André Simon Fund Awards. Although the winning World Atlas of Wine is indeed an impressive reference book and the 8th edition has been extensively revised, it does strike me that this is a bit of a safe choice. Rather it would have been good to see a completely original drink book like Wink Lorch’s Wines of the French Alps (an area of France never covered in English before) or the books on tea (Tales of the Tea Trade: The secret to Sourcing and Enjoying the World’s Favourite Drink by Michelle and Rob Comins) or lager (A Brief History of Lager: 500 Years of the World’s Favourite Beer by Mark Dredge).

(I have to declare an interest here: I was asked to suggest revisions to the Loire text and check the Loire maps for accuracy in the World Atlas of Wine.)

Hugh Js

Hugh Johnson speaking after The World Atlas won the 2019 Drink Award
It was first published in 1971 

The food book award went to The Whole Fish Cookbook by Josh Niland. It was good to see  The Turkish Cookbook by Musa Daĝdeviren winning the Special Commendation Award. Packed full of recipes it looks a book well worth buying.


Wink Lorch with her Wines of the French Alps
IMO deserved at least a special commendation
for the level of original and detailed research into a little known area
as well as being crowdfunded.

3 réflexions sur “André Simon Book Awards 2019

  1. David Cobbold

    Quite agree about what you say here Jim. Of course the Wine Atlas is an essential reference book and a good one too. But does it need another award?
    Wink Lorch’s book is remarkable, has involved very detailed ground work research into a little-known region, and was published on a shoe-string. This definitely deserved a major award. These people are too conservative and I would have been more agressive in my comments !

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. I agree David it was a wasted opportunity and that Wink’s book definitely deserved further recognition and reward. I had meant to declare that I was asked to assist in updating the Loire section. This has now been added to my post.



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