The Wine Liberation Front/Malgré le virus, Les 5 du Vin continuent de libérer les vins de leur confinement

As you will have noticed Les 5 du Vin continue their good work in liberating wines during these times of confinement.

However, first a comment on a very ill Boris Johnson.

Not a well boy

A clearly unwell Boris Johnson before admission to hospital
He is now in intensive care.

I trust Johnson recovers fully from coronavirus and that his time in intensive care is short.

However, it is hard not to reflect that his coronavirus illness has highlighted his and his ‘government’s’ idiocy with regard to dealing with the virus and slowness to take the threat seriously. A failure that may now end tragically for Johnson.



 The Wine Liberation Front



      Quadrille Cuvée 2000, Langlois-Chateau


We liberated this 2000 Crémant de Loire after nearly 20 years of confinement to celebrate a quartet  of birthdays: Mike Sumner (London and Lisbon), André Ribeirinho (Adegga), Jérôme Billard (Domaine de la Noblaie, Chinon) and Emmanuel  Ogereau (Domaine Ogereau, Anjou).  The 2000 was naturally pleased to get out – a light mid gold colour despite the long imprisonment, a touch of honey and remarkably fresh – tasted blind few I fancy would have guessed its vintage. Unfortunately the label has not kept as fresh as the contents, so difficult to see details of the four grape varieties in the blend. However, the current blend for Quadrille, which salutes the link between Saumur and horses, is  Chenin 60 %, Chardonnay 15%, Cabernet Franc 15% and Pinot Noir 10%.


Montée de Tonnerre 1996

1996 Chablis Premier Cru Montée de Tonnerre, Jean-Marc Brocard

I am not quite sure why it was felt necessary to  sentence this excellent Chablis Premier Cru from then leading Chablis producer – Jean-Marc Brocard, whose son Julien now runs the estate biodynamically – to 24 years. This Montée de Tonnerre was very good and worked very well with a prawn salad tiède. It was interesting to note that it had some more oxidised notes than I would expect to find in a Chenin Blanc of a similar age.


Goutte de Rosé

2019 Goutte de Rosé, Chinon, Domaine de la Noblaie

This rosé (100% Cabernet Franc) on early release is made from vines on the lower slopes of the coteau which do not ripen as well as those higher up the slope which are used for the red wines. Pale salmon pink with delicious fresh pear and peach fruit this lovely rosé is very well balanced.


Salon des Vins de Loire 2011 015 




Les 5 du Vin Wine Liberation Front

EU Flag

4 réflexions sur “The Wine Liberation Front/Malgré le virus, Les 5 du Vin continuent de libérer les vins de leur confinement

  1. Jim, just for your information, here are some figures about the Coronavirus in Belgium.
    Here, the first case of Coronavirus was spotted on February 4th, the first death declared on March 11th, and the confinement started on March 18th.
    By April 6th, the death toll was 1,624 people, for a population of 11.3 million inhabitants.
    If Belgium had the same population as the UK (66.6 millions), the number of deaths would be 9,655; it is now 5,373 in the UK.
    I have read a lot of criticism about the way the crisis is managed in the UK, but what strikes me is that here, where the way the government tackles it is generally lauded in the press, its results are not so good.
    A lot of commentators tell us BoJo is a clown, whereas the Belgian ministers and their medical advisers seem very serious and competent on TV. But as far as results are concerned, we’d better wait and see how the figures evolve.
    And one last thought: the way the EU has been treating Italy, or more generally, the way each country goes it alone, is not really an advertisement for the institution.


  2. Jim Budd

    Hervé. Thanks and an interesting comparison. However, the UK Government has spent much of the time catching up. It was football clubs and other sporting events plus restaurants that started to close before the Government acted. Johnson went on holiday in February. On March 6th he visited a hospital which he wrongly said had coronavirus patients and boasted that he had shaken everybody’s hands. The NHS has been run down by the Conservative Government over the past 10 years and there hasn’t been anything like enough protective equipment. I could go on ….


  3. Here health is a regional matter (Belgium is a federation), so we have plenty of ministers, a socialist in the South, a centre-right in the North, and some attempts at coordination at the federal level. So I cannot tell you which party is responsible for the lack of masks nor for the destruction of a big stock of masks in February 2019 (without replacing them). And I cannot tell you why the government authorised « lockdown parties » on the eve of the confinement.
    I could go on too.
    Meanwhile, Austria (8.8 million inhabitants) has had only 220 deaths (one ninth of Belgium) and nobody can really explain why – but masks have been compulsory in Austria for 3 weeks now (the country has enough masks to be able to give them free at the entrance of supermarkets). What a pity that the EU, which is able to regulate the content of wine bottles in the Union, has not been able to enforce a common health strategy… We even saw some member states confiscating masks ordered for other member states, on the airport runways…


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