Remembering Frédéric Mabileau

Fred @ RSJ Restaurant 2010

A week after Fred died in a ULM crash at Saumur Airport on 31st August I still haven’t come to terms with his sudden and shocking death. An article (Décès de Frédéric Mabileau : la défaillance technique écartée) in La Nouvelle République (4.9.2020) says that a mechanical fault in the ULM, which Fred was apparently in the process of buying has been ruled out. This after an autopsy in Angers the NR says leaves two possibilities either that Fred was suddenly taken ill or he lost control of the ULM. Although the ULM caught fire once it had crashed he was apparently already dead before the fire broke out – a small consolation that he did not burn to death. 

Fred’s funeral will be held on Wednesday 9th September in Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil at 10 am. Due to Covid-19 there are currently restrictions on the number of people who can attend a funeral. 

Here are some photos of Fred taken over a number of years, which recall much happier times.

Fred (centre) @ RSJ Restaurant
celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2005
Also present left to right: Noël Pinguet (Huet),
Thomas Meunier (i/c commerce for Fred),
Nigel Wilkinson (proprietor RSJ), Christine and Eric Nicolas

(Domaine de Bellivière, Jasnières) 

2008: Fred and Thomas with first vintage of the
still fermenting Saumur Blanc from Le Puy Notre Dame


Below: Fred with the 2008 Saumur


2008: Fred and Thomas with Sarah Ahmed
(The Wine Detective) 
Tasting with Fred @ Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil

Fred as hod carrier 3.10.2009
1er tri du Chenin Le Puy Notre Dame

Below Fred emptying his hod

2013 vintage Fred in his winery with Chris Kissack (The Wine Detective)
Fred, a glass of Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil and Bacchus


Frédéric Mabileau with his new foudre taken during the 2018 harvest 



2 réflexions sur “Remembering Frédéric Mabileau

  1. David Cobbold

    Thank you Jim for doing this. I find it so hard to write about people whom you have known and liked, so soon after their sudden death although I did manage to say a few words on the radio programme in Vino that will be broadcast later this month. My thoughts to Natalie and all his family and friends.

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