Tuf love…

2019 Pierre de Tuf, Chinon, Domaine de la Noblaie

It would be fun to pretend that Pierre de Tuf was a legendary figure in Western Touraine, who was thought to be related by marriage to Rabelais… However, we are a month away from April Fools’ Day even though we currently have more than our fair share of fools, who, unfortunately are far more dangerous than the jolly japes that herald in the month of April.

This Chinon is called Pierre de Tuf because it is fermented in a centuries old stone vat carved out from the soft local limestone – tuffeau or tuf, which is the same stone used to build the famous châteaux such as Chenonceau and many more humble dwellings. Here are a series of photos from 8th October 2014 when by happy chance we passed by Domaine de la Noblaie on the very day they were filling Pierre de Tuf, which was sited in a very confined space.

Jérôme Billard (on fork lift) and his father François getting ready
to load Cabernet Franc into the limestone vat
Inside the old winery
Checking the flow of grapes
Some odd-coloured grapes as there was very little light,
so had to shoot pics at very high speed.

2019 Pierre de Tuf

After a long fermentation the wine is aged for 14 months in oak. The 2019 is already agreeably soft and easy to drink with attractive texture and well balanced tannins and acidity. It does have the potential for long ageing and increased complexity with further time in bottle.


A toast to Ukraine independence, the defeat of Putin and to peace!

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