EVRi – UK’s worst delivery service

This week I’m having a break from posting about wine – don’t worry I am still enjoying a glass or two avec sagesse bien sûr… Instead it is time to highlight a truly appalling delivery service – EVRi. The name may be unfamiliar to some because previously they used to be called Hermes, who got such a dreadful reputation for their multiple failures to deliver parcels etc., that they changed their trading name to EVRi.

Not surprisingly the change of trading name made no difference to the company’s penchant for incompetence and the ability to lose parcels. Last week EVRi hit the UK’s national news as complaints against the company reached over 4000. The spark that lit the media’s interest was Sani Shah, extremely frustrated at failing to get anywhere with EVRi claiming that an EVRi driver had set fire to her house. She used a photo of a blazing house that she had found on the net.

You can trust EVRi to either lose your or delay the delivery of your parcel…

An investigation into EVRi demanded in UK Parliament

It should have been a shoe-in …

Unfortunately I can speak from personal experience…

I ordered a pair of shoes on 26th December 2022 from ECCO’s sale – 40% off looked an attractive offer at the time. I received a email from EVRi on 3rd January 2023 at 8.31am telling me that my parcel was at their ‘delivery depot’. I would be informed when the parcel was out for delivery. My heart sank when I learned that EVRi was due to deliver my shoes. I was right as since then the tracking info hasn’t been updated. It is now 16th January!! Despite numerous calls to ECCO’s customer care they haven’t been able to establish what has happened to my parcel. Is it lost, has it been ditched or is it still somewhere in EVRi’s chaotic ‘delivery depot’ – that ought to be renamed a parcel dump.

I will now be refunded. I will never now buy goods from a company that I know uses EVRi. It is a complete mystery why ECCO who make very good shoes use such a lousy delivery company.

This confirms previous bad experiences with EVRi when it was called Hermes. A number of years ago we ordered some cheese for Christmas to be delivered to us in London. Somehow Hermes delivered it to somewhere in Norfolk. It is no surprise that they have been voted for the last two years running by the Citizens Advice Bureau as the UK’s worst delivery service.

EVRi: the UK’s worst delivery service two years running

As Evri ‘operates’ elsewhere in Europe I would be very interested to know what other people’s experience of this company has been.

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