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2022 Millésime Bio – put back a month – you read it here first..!

In last week’s post I speculated that given the current high rate of Covid infections in many parts of Europe it would be difficult to go ahead with the early professional wine fairs. The organisers of Millésime Bio must be avid readers of our blog as within just a few days they announced that the 2022 actual version of the fair has now been put back from late January to run from 28th February to 2nd March 2022, while the digital version is now a week later – 24th-25th January.

As yet the Salon des Vins de Loire is still on for 31st January – 1st February. As France recorded 1,860,860 new infections in last week (3.1.22 – 9.1.22) I have to wonder whether the Loire fair will actually go ahead or whether it will be put back or postponed.

A few recently enjoyed bottles…

Duo of Primitivos

2019 Primitivo, IGT Primitivo Puglia, A Mano
13.5% alc, empty bottle 413 grams £9.50
2019 SegnaVento, IGT Tarantino Primitivo, Pervini
13.5% alc, empty bottle 412 grams £8.25

On Saturday four of us tried out the two Primitivos shown above with a pheasant casserole. One was from A Mano, a well-known Puglian winery, the other from Pervini and both from the 2019 vintage. They were quite a considerable contrast in styles: the A Mano softer, smoother and more refined in style, while the SegnaVento was more vibrant, with rougher edges and more tannic. Interestingly there was a preference for the SegnaVento probably because it has more character and is a more striking wine. It is also £1.25 cheaper…


2020 Viognier Men in White Coats, Western Cape, South Africa
12.5% alc, empty bottle 467 grams

Brought by guests this is an attractively restrained Viognier – ripe but not overblown with a fresh finish – overall well balanced with a lowish level of alcohol. The name ‘Men in White Coats’ refers to umpires in the game of cricket. There are always two umpires and they have a similar role to football referees except they are static during play and don’t have to run after the ball…

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